BKR International

This organization allows us to keep our own personality at the same time, which tem to give proper answers to client’s particular needs, avoiding standardized waps of thinking. At the same time, it also allows us the rey on international support that maker possible the exchange of experiences and methodologies, which undoubtedly enrich our professional contribution.




Grup 20

Faura-Casas is one of the auditing firms that make up the Grup20, which is a forum for reflection, debate and opinion on all matters relating to the audit, its role in society and, in general, all referred transparency of economic and financial information.





Our English colleagues of BKR International, through their company Fluency, assist multinational businesses with international expansion. Their centrally managed accounting and administrative solution uses an online portal providing access to information in multiple territories. Faura-Casas has been chosen by Fluency to be the dedicated partner firm in Spain.





Accid is the Catalan Association of Accounting Directorate which i Faura Casas is a partner-protector.


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