About us

Faura-Casas is a firm consolidated since 1985 by its founding partners, Daniel Faura and Joan B. Casas, and reaffirmed by the current partners, who have more than 30 years of experience as an auditor and consultant group and in economic-financial management. In this regard, Faura-Casas remains firmly established in the public sector and service and industry sectors through the implementation of resources made to the specific situation of each entity.

Quality and values

Faura-Casas is characterized to be close and honest with their customers deal, allowing to know them and to be able to personalize the design of each service’s strategy, maintaining the professionalism by which the firm stands out and the high quality of their services.

The eighty professionals in the firm have the mission of providing to their clients a highest level of technical service within a framework of quality and ethical values. One of its main objectives is to be focused to the design and provision of personalized services, thus avoiding standardized schemes, and providing an agile and adequate response to the needs of the client.

The human team of Faura-Casas is firmly committed to meet the customers’ expectations and the will to try to overcome them. Honesty is their reference point to provide solutions and constructive ideas, generating added value. These professionals are led by their partners, who add to their professional experience the maximum commitment to transparency, rigor and quality.

Faura-Casas reinforces its commitment to society being part of Grup20, a forum for reflection, debate and opinion on aspects related to auditing, its role in society and, in general, everything that refers to the transparency of economic and financial information. The objective of this union is to create a channel to transmit the concerns and reflections on the auditor’s need for independence and transparency, also as the search for tools that ensure their function.


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