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Regulations Normative COVID-19

With this link you can access the compilation of the regulations published at the state level in relation to the state of alarm and the measures taken to face the economic and social impact of COVID-19, classified by the different areas of affectation.



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BKR EMEA TAX Newsletter December 2013

Find attached the first BKR EMEA Tax Newsletter edition in which you will find the tax news from the different countries of the EU and in which Ferran Julià has participated by referencing the corresponding tax news from Spain.

BKR EMEA Tax Newsletter


The new regulation of the Foundations in Catalunya

The recent amendment of the Civil Code of Catalunya introduces new measures to provide more autonomy of management foundations, which increase the responsibility of employers. This session will analyze all innovations and we will try to respond to questions posed by the reform.


Municipal finance: Where we are, how to go out

Faithful to the tradition begun in previous years, in Faura-houses we want to share and discuss with our friends and clients thoughts around topics related to our activities. On this day we propose to discuss the financial situation of municipalities and their entities. Beyond to obtain a map of the situation we propose point measures and lines of action of different scope which in the medium term, contribute to organizational reorientation and performance or that in the short term, they can lighten the most immediate budget scenarios.


Legislative news and tax related work

In recent months there have been a number of legislative reforms, both at State level and oriented autonomous level from one part to the fight against the crisis and the promotion of the occupation and other, to increase the uptake of public resources. On this day Faura-houses wants to share the effects of the fiscal year-end 2011 can be assumed with the latest changes. You will also discuss with attendees as the new tax and labor regulations can influence in the taking of decisions and the management of the financial year 2012 and, in general, the new field of relations between workers and companies.


Faura-Casas opens new office in Madrid.

Since January, Faura-Casas has a new Office in Madrid, on Paseo de la Castellana, 123, 9 ° C, with Mª del Mar Ramirez as partner responsible. Welcome Mar! (more…)


First Alumni meeting Faura-Casas

Last 20th of December we celebrate the first Alumni meeting at the offices of Faura-Casas. We hope there will be more meetings in the future, many thanks to all participants!



Faura-Casas is now on twitter!

For communicating with our clients and friends and establishing new bonds with them, we’ve just opened a Twitter account!!

You will find us with this name: FauraCasas (@FauraCasas) (more…)


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