An audit is not only useful for checking and verifying the financial statements and loggingoperations, but also allows rigorous analysis of all the risks inherent in daily activity.

It is a process that must be used for detecting opportunities for improvement in systems,identify areas of possible savings and, in general, contribute to economic and financialcompany or entity.

The traditional concept was intended to design audit procedures to test and verify theaccounts in relation to compliance with certain general principles. While this analysis is absolutely essential, the concept of audit has evolved to expand the scope of their purpose beyond the accounting aspects, including risk analysis of activities ofcompanies and organizations in the broadest sense .

Although often considered the audit as a legal requirement for us is a tool to understandan organization and generating process improvements.

The Our ??professionals are trained so that through his analysis to identify opportunities to improve systems, identify areas of possible savings, and generally contribute to theeconomic and financial welfare of our clients.

  • Auditoria Financera.
  • Auditoria de Compliment.
  • Auditoria de Regularitat.
  • Auditoria Operativa.
  • Auditoria de Programes.
  • Auditoria de Subvencions.


  • Forensic.
  • Due Diligence.
  • Special reports.
  • Internal Audit.
  • Financial control of Public Sector support.


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