Our goal is to provide solutions to problems of management and administration ofcompanies and organizations, providing them with timely information and clear enough to ascertain their situation and providing them with economic and financial management tools. This will ensure the optimal use of resources through proper planning.

The economic and financial consulting services offered by our company are characterized by high degree of personalization and professionalism that bothencompass and integrate the response to specific issues such as ongoing advice oneconomic, financial and accounting.

Our action when it comes to counseling is to provide permanent solutions to problems ofmanagement and administration of companies and organizations, providing them withdetailed information and clear enough to know the situation and to have an instrument offinancial management and ensure optimal utilization of resources through proper planning.


  • Advice on human resources.
  • Permanent economic consulting.
  • Study and analysis of economic and financial situation.
  • Econòmicsfinancers reporting.
  • Economic feasibility studies.
  • Definition of financial management tools.
  • Study of internal control measures.
  • Studies of the budget projection.
  • Remedial Action Plans.

Economic and financial consultancy

  • Economic financial plan.
  • Organization.
  • Management.
  • Companies cost management.

Senior management team

  • Strategic consultancy.
  • Business Diagnosis.
  • Outsourcing.



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