Taxation and labor regulations are constantly changing fields that require highly skilled personnel with extensive experience and training. Only then can offer advice, planningand management level, to fit every need, whether a particular client as a business ororganization.

Few areas of economic activity experienced by so many constant changes such as taxation and labor regulations, new legal regulations added continuously to a regulatorybody prolixe. Therefore the choice of specialized professionals is essential both forcompanies and organizations for people who individually can specify this service.

Our partners and professional services specializing in Tax and Labour, offering a high level of benefit advice and management resulting from your information permanently and years of accumulated experience. Their commitment and involvement can offer a highly personalized service that meets the needs of each client.

Taxation services

  • Ongoing advice.
  • Management of tax.
  • Tax planning.
  • Corporation Tax: management and settlement.
  • Writing books and records.
  • Specific advice on the scope of VAT.

Services workplace

  • Ongoing advice.
  • Management and preparation of employment contracts.
  • Management to Social Security.
  • Budget options and calculation of employment and wages.
  • Editing bills and payroll management.


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