Our teaching team consists of highly qualified and specialized professionals who maintain a permanent flow of exchanging experiences and methods, favoring enrichmentof content and constant improvement and development of training programs. So we canrespond personally to every need and tailored training.

Faura-Casas has a teaching staff that teaches the training, all qualified professionalswho specialize in certain training programs. The specialization of each member of the faculty allows us to assign each action the best professional that can give the mostaccurate and appropriate response to the expressed need training.

One feature that has the team’s training Faura-Casas is the exchange of experiencesand methods that keep members, allowing an enrichment for both the team for futuretraining.


  • Planning of training.
  • Management training.
  • Evaluation of training.
  • Training in size.
  • Advice on training.
  • Training “in company”.
  • Training plans.
  • Training.



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