Human Resources

Recursos Humanos

Develop the skills of people in the workplace. Attract, select, supervise, train, train, manage and develop people within organizations.

Our service, tailored to a changing reality, aims to collaborate with companies and organizations in the search, planning, promotion and improvement of their team, providing solutions to problems that arise.

As in other services in this area we avoid standardized schema and our professionals strive every day to design new and customized services adapted to the changing realities of organizations.

Not ignore the importance of capital and technological factors have all types of organization, the potential of the human factor is today one of the strategic pillars of the success of any company, and its adaptation, motivation, training, involvement, shouldconstitute the basic elements of any organizational strategy.


Selection and evaluation of staff:

Objective: To analyze the staffing needs of clients and provide the most suitable candidates according to the workplace and assess people to adapt to the profile required for the job.


  • Traditional selection.
  • Direct Search (Headhunting).
  • Evaluations of individual candidates.
  • Administration of collective testing.
  • Collective assessments.
  • Professional assessments.


Development of R.H.:

Objective:To support organizations in developing the skills and knowledge of human resources.


  • Coaching for improved management skills.
  • Training and management development.
  • Assessment of competence in management and controls.
  • 360 ° assessment.
  • Development of high performance teams.
  • HR Audits.
  • Analysis and improvement of organizational climate.
  • Outplacement.
  • Internal promotions.
  • Outsourcing management and human resource management.
  • Training in human resources.
  • Evaluation of performance, variable pay.


Organizational culture, processes and quality:

Objective: To support organizations in the cultural changes and facilitate the implementation of management tools.


  • Benchmarking: compare to improve.
  • Skills to manage.
  • Analysis and design of management indicators.
  • Dashboards.
  • Reorientation of missions and strategies.
  • Redesign of action plans.
  • Card catalogs and services.
  • Process Management: analysis, design and improvement.
  • Implementation, maintenance and performance of internal auditors of quality management systems based on the UNE EN ISO 9001:2000.



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